Magic Seasoning Blends (MSB)— Chef Paul Prudhomme was the first American-born chef to receive the coveted Merité Agricole of the French Republic, and in 1986 he was honored as "Culinarian of the Year" by the American Culinary Federation. He has written for and been featured in many prominent national magazines. He and his staff have cooked for heads of state, President Ronald Reagan's inauguration, and at the Congressional Barbecue. Chef Paul blends the finest herbs & spices, bringing great taste to many well-known restaurants and families around the world. MSB manufactures 16 all-natural seasoning blends, 4 magic sauce & marinades, 7 magic chilies and magic pepper sauce for retail, foodservice and industrial applications including blends for meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable, steak, pizza & pasta, gumbo, fajita & more. All products have no MSG, no additives and no preservatives and are all kosher approved.

$10.00/case 1.65oz.-2.1oz.  5 pack-set
$11.00/case 7.0 oz.(198g) Salmon Magic, 7 oz.
$11.00/case 5.0 oz.(142 g) Shrimp Magic, 5 oz.
$11.00/case 7 oz.(198 g) Seasoning Salt, 7 oz.
$11.00/case 5.5 oz.(156 g) Magic BBQ, 5.5 oz.
$11.00/case 5.0 oz.(142 g) Fajita Magic, 5 oz.
$11.00/case 9 oz.(254 g) Sweetie Magic, 9 oz.
$15.00/case 5.0 oz. (142 g) Salt Free, 5 oz.